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16 Manton Road, South Oakleigh,
Victoria - 3167, Australia.

Classic Car Service restoration and repair

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For all your automotive needs look no further than the experts at ALM Automotive. Since opening our South Oakleigh workshop in 1985 we have serviced, maintained, and repaired hundreds of unique vehicles for Melbourne motorists. Our modern workshop is well-stocked with the best replacement parts and components for better handling and performance, making cars last longer and drive harder without issue.

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At ALM Automotive our passionate team know all too well about the connection that develops between the driver and their vehicle. Our experience and dedication guarantees that we have the ability to accurately and authentically complete detailed restoration and repair works on classic cars.


Keep a record of the works we complete thanks to our complete logbook servicing.

Yearly ServiceYearly Service

Keep your car running on Melbourne’s roads thanks to our no-frills and renowned yearly service.

Ultimate ServiceUltimate Service

Leave nothing to chance with our affordably-priced ultimate service.

Toyota spares
If you would like to book your vehicle in for a repair or general service
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Whether you are wanting to bring out the best in your club car for the next meet or show, or you want to make your vehicle closely represent your vision, our talented and expert team can extend the life of classic cars. Get the best for your classic car by giving us a call on 03 9543 4215.

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