Car Service Clayton


Spot Issues Before They Become Headaches

To ensure that you get the best out of the life of your car the expert mechanics and technicians at ALM Automotive recommend that you get your car serviced regularly. Thanks to our in-depth and personalised approach to our car services Clayton motorists and beyond can drive in confidence and safety. Methodically going through each of your vehicle’s systems our technicians can detect signs of wear and tear and other hazards before they negatively affect your finances or health.

Mechanical Services Made for Clayton Cars

Mechanic Clayton

Since 1985 ALM Automotive has developed a firm reputation for delivering targeted and industry-leading mechanical advice and solutions at a competitive price. Our passionate and knowledgeable mechanics have kept countless Clayton cars operating at optimal levels of performance and handling.

Stay Stable on the Streets

Brake Repairs Clayton

At ALM Automotive we know that the condition of a car’s brakes can make a huge difference to the driveability and safety of a vehicle. To ensure that you can react in time to changing road conditions such as weather events and traffic jams. Using the best parts and materials we can conduct expert brake repairs throughout the Clayton region of Melbourne.

Change Gears with Confidence

Clutch Repairs Clayton

Have you noticed your gears slipping? Do you find it increasingly difficult to change your vehicle’s gears? At ALM Automotive we can conduct in-depth and precise clutch repairs made for Clayton vehicles. To learn more about our clutch repairs and how they can save you money in the long run call us on 03 9543 4215.

Suburbs where we offer our services: Clayton, Chadstone, Oakleigh and other suburbs.

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