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Focused and Competitively-Priced Car Servicing

At ALM Automotive we know that a car is more than a purchase, it is an investment. With decades of training, knowledge, and experience behind us, combined with our unshakeable passion, the auto technicians at ALM Automotive can conduct accurate and timely minor and major car service solutions in and around the Chadstone area. Replacing fluids and inspecting fluid levels, checking wheel alignment, and completing a number of other diagnostic checks ensures that your vehicle stays safe and healthy for longer.

Chadstone’s First Choice for Mechanical Solutions

Mechanic Chadstone

To deliver the highest levels of satisfaction to all motorists who come through our doors our mechanics use only the best parts and components. Whether they are original, non-original, or second-hand parts they are all tested and inspected to ensure that they are able to perform without failing under high pressure or use conditions. Thanks to our mechanics Melbournians from Chadstone to Mulgrave and other surrounding suburbs can drive with confidence and enjoyment.

Stop in Time with our Brake Repairs

Brake Repairs Chadstone

Have you found that your brakes are not as responsive as they used to be? Does it take longer to come to a stop even if your brake pedal is pressed all the way to the floor? At ALM Automotive we can conduct in-depth inspections and brake repairs for concerned Chadstone residents. Once we have replaced and restored your brakes to their highest quality, to keep you and the other road users safe.

For All Things Mechanical Call ALM

Mechanical Repairs Chadstone

At ALM Automotive we know how important it is to motorists to find a team of mechanics and automotive technicians that you can trust. Proudly offering a comprehensive level of attentive and personalised service at a competitive price our mechanical repairs are made for Chadstone residents. Using the right parts and outstanding techniques we can extend the life and health of your car. To make an appointment with our talented team call us on 03 9543 4215.

Suburbs where we offer our services: Chadstone, Clayton, Oakleigh and other suburbs.

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