General Servicing

We're able to provide major and minor mechanical repairs on most makes and model of cars. We can also conduct logbook services for all petrol, diesel, LPG and light commercial vehicles, as well as perform roadworthy inspections on all passenger and light commercial. Contact us to make a booking.


If you're looking to sell your vehicle or re-register a vehicle with an out-of-date registration, you'll need to have it examined for roadworthiness by a licensed vehicle tester. We will give your vehicle a thorough inspection of key mechanical parts and critical safety features to ensure your vehicle is road-legal. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Looking to buy a used car? Our workshop can conduct comprehensive inspections of your prospective new vehicle, checking over the engine, drive train, suspension and steering, brakes, wheels and tyres, dashboard and instruments, and other parts to make sure everything's in working order. If you're thinking about buying a used vehicle, contact us for an inspection to give yourself a little extra peace of mind.

Steering & Suspension

Lackluster ride comfort and steering trouble are problems that can get progressively worse, in some cases to the point of making your car dangerously undriveable. We can service your suspension system, replacing and fitting new components as required to get your vehicle to ride just the way you want it. We can also improve your vehicle's handling with a front-end alignment, resulting in a truer driving line and reduced tyre wear. Contact us today for an inspection and quote.

Brake Servicing

When someone raises the topic of wear and tear in a vehicle, it's most likely that your first thought is of your brakes. Having enough stopping power in the brakes can very well make the difference in a possible crash, so keeping them in top shape is a necessity. We're able to inspect your braking system and install replacement parts for your vehicle, including brake pads and discs. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Fleet Vehicles

A business' lifeblood is often in its fleet of company vehicles, and when one or more are out of action it can hurt your ability to operate. We know how important your vehicles are to keeping your business running smoothly, and offer priority service to fleet vehicles, ensuring your business is back on its feet as soon as possible. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Engine & Cylinder Head Reconditioning

Over time a poorly serviced engine can sustain significant corrosion damage, resulting in a host of problems with the engine, some of which can cripple your vehicle. A reconditioning of your engine and cylinder heads will get a few more years out of an ageing engine, whether it's a standard, high-performance or LPG engine. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Clutch & Transmission

If you're having trouble shifting gears or noticing odd smells from underneath the bonnet, there's likely a serious problem developing in your drive train. We can inspect your clutch from pedal to gears, as well as examine your manual or automatic transmission for irregularities. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Auto Electrical

Are there troublesome warning lights on your dashboard that you aren't quite sure of what they're indicating? Our team has cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to isolate and repair any auto-electrical issue, including critical systems such as central locking, SRS airbags and traction control. Contact us if you suspect problems with your vehicle's electrical systems.

Air Conditioning

A poorly maintained air conditioning unit can be a nightmare in Australia's summer months. If your air con isn't blowing air as cool as it once did, or if your air con is making strange noises, bring your vehicle in for an inspection. We're able to replace compressors, valves and hoses, as well as re-gas your air conditioning unit. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

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